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.thoughts on climate justice

by Katharina Mau, a journalist based in Munich who writes about the climate crisis.

“The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world.” – Joanny Macy, Environmental Activist and Scholar of Buddhism

“The more and more of us who try not to run away from these emotions and this truth, the faster we can bring about a change.” – Tonny Nowshin, Climate Justice Activist


Those are two of my most favourite quotes when it comes to the climate crisis. They tell me how important it is to listen to our emotions and to allow ourselves to see what is happening to our planet and all the living beings on it.

Sometimes I feel weak and helpless being confronted with wildfires, floods, melting ice and the injustice that lies within the climate crisis. I feel bad about being privileged, about living on a part of the world that is highly responsible for the climate crisis and that is most likely to suffer less from the consequences than many other parts. I wonder if I do enough, if I could do more to bring about a change.

And it helps me to remind myself that I’m on my journey. I learn how to give those feelings the space that they deserve. I learn how to let those feelings guide my actions. I try to find my own way of being part of the change. I try to connect.

And although there are already so many bad things happening because of the climate crisis and so many people are suffering, I hope that we will be able to stop it. That we will manage to make the world a fairer place and to find a way that we can live within the planetary boundaries.


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