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.thinking about computers again 


by Chloe, who is rethinking computers.


A building, a room, in body; how they scale and what they achieve over the years. Power, time, and memory; the things they rely on us, for us to provide to them.  We rely on them, more and more and more. They bring joy. They work for us. Until they don’t. Dust, clouds, and light; can they replace what is natural to us and how long until they do? “We created them so they are a part of us” but when is the last time you pulled all the strings? The promise of productivity, the promise of an abstract economy. Everything slowly stretches out of reach until the distance is too vast. Transcending humans, parallel worlds, and sentient computations. I argue these aren’t the things to fear. It is the lack of fulfilment of promises like these and the silent void which is the role we play in fantastic decisions and how they are rather led by in-credible economic magicians.  It gets more and more political as we ponder the theoretical.


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