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by Christina, a scientist based in Munich, who plays the keyboard for the German band Neutronic Nomads



isn’t it nice, that there is change,
when we allow it to happen

nothing set in stone, (haha) wouldn’t that be just lame
oh no! indeed, nothing set in stone.


Everything’s evolving, flowing, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast
It’s beautiful
And I didn’t see it, for too long

Isn’t it nice, that there is change


No one is the same, after years
Sometimes one, two, three
A minute, in the blink of an eye,
When we allow it to happen

An end, in between the blank space, blink,


Reset, a new beginning
There’s courage in a new beginning,
how could anyone find comfort in the dusty, the old
Everything has it’s place – we know that
I’d like to add “everything has it’s time” as well
Past in the past, the future – in the future.
Leave it be.
We are flowing, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. In the now, where
It’s beautiful

nothing set in stone, nothing the unknown,
In the now
Can you feel it
I know you can

isn’t it nice, that there is change




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