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.lovely crawlies


They can be curious too!


Dear little silverfish in my tub,

Why are you so reluctant to get out? I just want to help you before you might drown. I have helped many other silverfish out before, but the tub is slippery, and you won’t listen to me! So please just get onto my towel; my hand; or paper scrap when I strongly urge you it is time to go. Some say your presence is a problem, there are bound to be more of you. I must have mold under my tiles, and if not, to anyway get rid of you because you eat my stuff! But really, I don’t mind. Because I think you are neat and pretty.


Dear Spider in the corder, I have seen you molt to grow big and strong. I have seen you catch the silverfish, but I don’t necessarily think that it is wrong. You leave your webs and from corner to corner, don’t really clean up after yourself. When I do some housekeeping, you violently wiggle to protest when you think I’m about to clean up your nest! Some say you are so venomous because you eat other species that are, some say you can bite me anyways, with your tiny fangs that only may grow big enough to break my skin, but hardly even leave a scar. But I don’t mind. Because I like your fascinating company. 


My few little roommates, it’s a pleasure to share, because all it take is a little understanding and care. Insects and arachnids have taught us lots, and when we look at nature we can innovate and design with new thoughts. I’m sad to hear how many of you are quietly dying away, due to negligence and hatred, towards our environment, and because of what others say. The next bug you see, try to be brave. Brave enough to understand them and even if you run, let your curiosity about them stay! These little encounters keep us personally connected, to the state of the world and how it is affected. If you can do it for bugs, you can do it for others, like people and big world problems too and you never know, they can be our solution such as being our next big source of food! 


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