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.for Mom

by Chen, the globetrotter, who first told me about sci-hub.


We look alike?


Day and night you worked tirelessly
After work, you took all the care of whole family
I felt annoyed, I hated micromanagement
Finally I decided to move to Germany


At airport we said goodbye, your face looked smiley
Somehow I started to know deep in heart you cried badly
The farewell was so long that I missed your nagging
I was never lonely with your love distantly


You cooked tableful dishes when I went back home occasionally
They tasted better than what I had in Paris and Italy
The days at home passed fast
This time you didn't hold back tears while I hugged you tightly


Don't be afraid and scare, my beloved mom
Please less work and chores, stay safe and healthy
Please listen to the doctor, take medicines on time
I will be home soon




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