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.earth medicine

by Erica Lotus, an artist with a passion and love for the natural environment. Her dream is to inspire humanity to live mindfully for the Earth and all living beings. With her art, compassion, and creativity, she envisions to provide a positive voice of hope in society.


地球の薬(Earth Medicine)」は、私達の行動の関連性を表現しています。また、生態系に基づいた適応の重要性と自然から学び理解を深めることが気候変動に対応する方法であることも示しています。中心にある動物は自然のシンボルとして亀を描きました。緑色は地球と森林を、青色は海洋を表しています。

Earth Medicine is a piece I created in 2020, which was inspired by the lessons I learned from an online course I took at the Earth Charter on Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics. Understanding sustainability through the concept of Systems Thinking leadership ideology, this art piece illustrates the connectedness of our actions. It also illustrates the importance of Ecosystem-based Adaptation, that looking into nature, and appreciating what can be learned from nature is a way to respond to climate change. The animal represented is a turtle because they are one of the oldest symbols that represent the planet earth and mother nature. Using the colors green connect to the earth and the forest while blue represents the oceans. I truly believe that art can be a powerful voice to communicate and connect people across the globe and spread a message of hope, healing, empathy and compassion.


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